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Medium Aluminium Cuff Blanks 125mm x 12mm 12g

Medium Aluminium Cuff Blanks 125mm x 12mm 12g


These are super shiny aluminium cuffs for hand stamping on.

They come with a peel off sticker to protect the face from scratching in transit unless they are textured as I have to remove the protective sticker to apply the texture.

They are 14 gauge & are lovely & soft to stamp on, but yet very strong being 2mm thick.

These are finished blanks without burrs, they require little to no filing, just a final buff with a soft cloth after stamping.

Please note my cuff blanks are cut one at a time by my own fair hands, not mass produced by machines like laser cutters, so there may be slight variations between each blank & this also means that sizes given are approximate.

Aluminium is great for jewellery making as it is hypo allergenic, lightweight & polishes up beautifully to look much like sterling silver without the cost, plus it doesn't tarnish.

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